“We do this for your health and wellbeing, and for the continuation of the species.”

Climber looking at mountain

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is in full swing. The Utopians have implemented the master plan for the New World Order. For most, life is a toil. They toil to keep the massive citadels operating with their greenhouses for synthetic food production, the pods for accommodation and constant monitoring for everyone’s wellbeing. A lucky few spend their days in the orchards, vineyards and grazing lands that surround the citadels. Their toil produces the fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and fine wines for the tables of the elites. Another group spend their days hauling that fresh produce to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, to the compounds and settlements of the elites.

What started as a standoff, is now a way of life. Most now live a lie. Most have even forgotten their forebearers where at war. Being ruled by an iron fist is the normal state of things. For a small number, the resistance, it is a completely different story. They grow stronger and bolder. Yet, their activities are largely ignored by their enemy. That is about to change.



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Rule of Twelve, Book 1 - Double Take

She is a keeper. Her day is spent outside the citadel tending to the fences that protect the farms lands. Unknown to the overlords that run the citadels, she has skills not typical for someone mending fences.

He is a haulier. He is about to secure his first captaincy. He works hard and keeps his head down. His true past is about to be revealed to him.

Events have just been set in motion. These events will merge their paths. Together they are about to become a major problem for those that rule.


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Climber looking at mountain

Time is a gift. A gift that is precious and beautiful. A gift that must be opened immediately as it comes by once only. Missing the opportunity of that gift is a travesty. Lacking in or having the absence of hope is one sure way to miss that opportunity.

I chose years ago, to use this gift to help others make the most of it too. In the space between, I love, learn and write. I do this all in the hope that we return to our truth.

My writing is futuristic, honest and brutal at times. I hope to bring focus to that which matters most: Love, choice, and truth.

I am publishing what I write, one passage at a time via subscriber posts within my Locals community. Subscribers get access to this writing. Or you can pick up the entire book when it is published.

You simply need to join the community, take up a subscription and you’ll get book chapters delivered directly to you as they are published.

My writing is influenced by the likes of Gregg Hurwitz, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, Isaac Asimov amongst others. I am also a big fan of Jordan B Peterson’s approach to engaging effectively in life, William Whitecloud’s approach to opening the mind and Fred Kofman’s approach to cutting through the B.S..

There is still hope and I look forward to sharing my works with you.

BJ Allen


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